History of HotFlame Gas

HotFlame Gas Company has its beginnings at the end of World War II. Started by Alton Berquist Sr. and his wife Dorothy in 1945, HotFlame at the beginning was 100-pound propane cylinders sold out of the back of Alton’s car. By 1949, HotFlame had its first storage tank and bulk truck and began delivering to customers’ sites.

HotFlame made its first major acquisition with the purchase of K & G Gas in Iron Mountain, MI in 1977 which added nearly 30% to HotFlame’s business. HotFlame’s second acquisition, Neverman Propane, in 1983 allowed HotFlame to expand over the Menominee River into Wisconsin.

In 1998, HotFlame became part of the SEMCO ENERGY family. In 2002, HotFlame introduced its HotGuard fixed price budget program. Today HotFlame continues on with its tradition of providing superior customer service at a competitive price.