HotFlame Price Protection Plans


HotGuard is HotFlame's most popular pricing program.

HotGuard allows customers to get the benefit of a fixed price during the winter (when prices are typically at their highest and most volatile) and also be on an eleven-month budget plan that lets you avoid having to pay for a propane delivery all at once.

HotGuard customer's accounts are monitored throughout the year and their monthly payments may be adjusted. HotFlame does this to help customers avoid a large credit from overpayment or a large deficit from underpayment that could result in having to make a large "catch-up" payment at the end of the plan year.

One of the most popular features of the HotGuard program is the fact that any gallons you use during the plan year are at the HotGuard fixed price regardless of how much you use! No need to guess how many gallons you are going to need for the winter. Relax; HotFlame and HotGuard have you covered!

The HotGuard program's 11-month budget runs from July through May with June being the program's catch-up month.

Full Pay Pre-Buy

HotFlame continues to offer our Pre-Buy plan for those customers who wish to lock their price in for the winter but do not want to participate in a budget type plan. Customers are required to pay up front for however many gallons they wish to lock in. Minimum purchase is 500 gallons and must be purchased in increments of 100 gallons. Program is typically available in the month of July.

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